Fan Comments

Some Recent Fan Comments of Note:

"Love it...the world needs music just like this: inspiring, creative, cultural, human..."
~enanoma, 6/30/12

"I love it" Exceptional musicality with traditional instruments & new! New age & new music! Good Luck-Arigato Gosai masu! ”
~rick_844, 1/22/12

"yes!!!! I had to run back into my office to see who was playing...just awesome...more please"
~cooktbook, 1/11/12

"Love the sound. Soothing, dreamy, spirited."
~area374, 5/25/12

“Made in PA ~ I Love Blossoms, Sisters, Harp Set and Scottishness for my Best Jango Girl Power Friend 4 Life, Kathleen. All Sweet 'n Cool Songs!! Family 1st and Sharon, PA Girl Power 4 Life!"
~Sweet Kirsten, 5/6/12

"Great blend of a celtic flowing with almost a new age approach"
~tomp47, 4/8/12

"Much to my wife's chagrin, your music caused me to start dancing around the house."
~garysearby, 3/24/12

"a Special Ed Teacher that hates to be stuck indoors, but 'Scottishness' just gave me the feeling I was out in nature and all its wonder!!! Love it!!"
~nelsonkelli, 3/13/12

"good decompression music on hte drive home from work"
~kamiller1957, 2/5/12

"I heard the piece 'Asian Winds' and I think it's outstanding! It's understated, soft, but distinct in what it's portraying. I am definitely adding you to my channel. :)"
~kamihanaki, 2/2/12

"An intriguing combination of old and new instruments and styles. It's refreshing."
~dranke, Greensburg, PA, 1/31/12

"great music, a worthy contribution to peace within and without."
~froger, 1/26/12

"spirited enough to tay alert, soothing enough to stay calm all at one!"
~lmoore, 1/25/12

"I really like your music. It's a tradition I'm not used to, so for me that variety is very refreshing. I like the storyline in your song."
~bzrosewood, United States, 1/21/12

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