inn-house Concert™ series # 6

The focus of our latest work is on Asia. Amplifying on themes presented in “Whirld” [2007] i.e. “India” and “koto rock” [re-released], the listener is offered contrasting musical views from East and West in structure and genre, reflecting cultural differences, yet paradoxically similar. Contrast “inner-laced” [koto] to “baroque” [harpsichord]. Though stylistically very different, yet alike in formality i.e. cultural views balanced with an almost mathematical symmetry. Similarly are the tabla and steel drums of “Carribbe”. Also included are single tracks, which fuse east and west. “Jamaica East” brings reggae to Japan, while “Asian winds” fuses the cultures broadly in contemporary fashion. Interspersed are direct contrasts . Note “blossoms” / “Warsaw”: Each sets a culturally reflective ambience.

As in other CDs, the opening track “blossoms” is the introduction for this inn-house Concert. Journey with us from the cherry blossoms of Japan to the by ways of Beijing [tappas Beijing] to the streets of urban India [India] and in juxtaposition to Western counterparts. Journey through cultural variations of classical, rock, jazz, reggae and in the resulting WORLD FUSION.

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PRH: Whirld: ASIA